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Thursday March 12th 2009, 12:12 pm

Ah, the second guess. Province of the critic and the outsider, luxury of those not constrained by the realities of budgets, time, politics, and physics. Though no stranger to the art myself, I could never guess what combination of these challenges faced the designers and engineers at Apple that resulted in the curiosity known as the early-2009 iPod Shuffle, which MacWorld, in a fit of amusingly appropriate pop-culture reference, declared yesterday: “This is not Sparta. This is madness.” 

But I’m not here to guess. I’m here to second-guess.

The new Shuffle compresses a full suite of playlist controls into a single button, melded into the earphone cord. Click to pause, double-click to advance, triple-click to reverse, hold to listen to the track title, keep holding to enter playlist selection, and then, as the device begins speaking names of playlists, click again to say when.

Donald A. Norman would not be impressed. But further criticism at this point would border on the tiresome—I propose instead a solution.

Is the functionality evident? Perhaps not immediately, but the training seminar should be considerably shorter. Here is the theory: The existing design does not fully take advantage of the linear controls that are the volume switches. I have repurposed them to not only control volume and sometimes playlist selection, but track selection as well, moving all three to the same level of hierarchy. The context is determined by a three-way slider switch not unlike the shuffle control on the player itself. 

Volume, most important, is at the top; track, second-most frequently accessed, is at the bottom; playlist, the tertiary feature, is in the middle (middle switch positions require greater manual precision to select).

Lastly, I have explicitly labeled the play/pause button, as it is no longer the play/pause/next track/previous track/tell me all the playlists button. The user now merely selects the playlist with the slider in playlist mode, either hits play/pause to begin that playlist, or moves the slider to track mode and advances through the track listing of the playlist, to hit play/pause there.

Madness no more.

Slide image by CarbonNYC

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First, I should mention I really like your redesign. A simple modification increases accessibility and vastly reduces the learning curve. But contemplating the genesis of the iPod Shuffle lead me to reconsider the context of the usability question.

The original Shuffle was the antithesis of user-device interaction (which is why I would never consider getting one–I want as much control as possible over my audio player). Apple seems to be caught between competing demands. I see the new scheme as an attempt to add controls to a device that wasn’t originally designed to have them, and in some ways isn’t meant to be easily operated. In a manner of speaking, then, the new iPod Shuffle delivers your music the way Apple wants it delivered, not the way you do, which, while operating against their general design philosophy, is truly in the spirit of the Shuffle.

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They came in last week and chose the cake,” he said by telephone. “It’s not high, very simple. They preferred simplicity.”
Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film “Lost in Translation” won the filmmaker an Academy Award for original screenplay and made her the third woman ever nominated for a directing Oscar. Her 2010 film “Somewhere,” about an actor who sees the emptiness of his existence through the eyes of his child, won the top Golden Lion prize at the Venice film festival last year.
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Her 2010 film “Somewhere,” about an actor who sees the emptiness of his existence through the eyes of his child, won the top Golden Lion prize at the Venice film festival last year.

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Brent crude was down 5 cents at $111.06 a barrel on the ICE Futures Exchange in London.
Crude has wandered most of this week in the mid-$80s after jumping from $75 last week amid investor optimism Europe will soon unveil a plan to contain its debt crisis. Traders will be closely watching the latest data about U.S. retail sales, consumer sentiment and business inventories scheduled to be released later Friday for clues about crude demand.
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Comment by cyskin 10.14.11 @ 3:33 am

GE is entering the solar business at a brutal time for makers of solar panels, the squares of crystalline silicon or thin films of metal that turn the sun’s rays into electricity.
Solar installations are growing fast, but solar panel prices have fallen precipitously in the past year, driven in part by a glut of panels on the market. The addition of new solar panel factories around the globe has coincided with reduced demand for solar in Europe and especially Germany, by the far the world’s largest solar market.
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The falling prices have led to the bankruptcies of three solar panel makers in the last two months, including Solyndra, a panel maker that collapsed despite receiving a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government.
Vic Abate, who runs GE’s renewable energy business, said in an interview Thursday GE expects to push solar panel prices down ever further, and will profit as it does so. He said the company has had similar experiences with wind and other energy technologies.
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And in the latest sign that the world’s No. 2 economy is shuddering from Europe’s debt crisis, its massive foreign exchange reserves suffered a drop of nearly $61 billion in September as the euro skidded and hot money flowed out.
The fall in reserves was the biggest ever for China and left the stockpile — the world’s biggest — standing at $3.2 trillion at the end of the third quarter.
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He said Murray’s interview with police made it clear that he waited too long to call 911 when he found Jackson not breathing.
Flanagan suggested at one point that doctors sometimes practice “bad medicine,” but their patients are unharmed. Kamangar agreed.
On redirect questioning, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked: “Mr. Flanagan asked if a doctor could be grossly negligent and the patient could survive?”
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A recently launched update of the flagship “Bold” model with the signature BlackBerry keyboard is selling well, he said, but an all-touchscreen model isn’t. It just doesn’t match up to the iPhone and Android phones.
“If someone really wanted a full touchscreen experience, why would they buy that? You have much better alternatives out there,” Wu said.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 1:24 am

At a hearing last month, Apple lawyer Rutger Kleemans claimed Samsung sought the injunction to “hold Apple hostage” because Apple had accused Samsung of copying its iPhone and iPad designs in a separate Dutch case.
“It’s a holdup,” Kleemans said. “Because Apple dared to take action against Samsung’s copycat tactics.”
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 1:51 am

Apple is a big winner when workers get to pick their own phones, a trend known as the consumerization of IT. The iPhone 4S hit store shelves on Friday and thousands of people lined up around the world to get it.
Companies can save money when they let employees buy their own phones and pay their own monthly bills. All IT managers have to do is install software that makes it possible for employees to securely access corporate networks.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 3:39 am

A survey released this week by Enterprise Management Associates, sponsored by Intel Corp’s McAfee Inc, found that 44 percent of iPhone users were “completely satisfied” with their device, compared with 34 percent for Android smartphones and 16 percent for BlackBerries.
“It’s a tough situation to be in,” Forrester Research analyst Christian Kane said of RIM. “Nobody is going to necessarily stop supporting a device over an outage. But it doesn’t do any favors for RIM,” said Kane, who helps big companies decide how quickly they should open up their mobile networks.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 3:43 am

Apple and phone companies started taking orders for the iPhone 4S last Friday. Apple said Monday that more than 1 million orders came in, breaking the record set by last year’s model, which was available in fewer countries and on fewer carriers.
And a representative for AT&T said Friday that as of 4:30 EDT, it had activated a record number of iPhones and was on track to double its previous single-day record for activations.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 5:35 am

The Thing was a somewhat dangerous film to make. The original is hailed by many as a classic, it is nearly thirty years old, and the current filmmakers are trying to create an original story that is utterly beholden to a film that they know nothing more about than fans who have seen it. Not having been there for the making of the original means that they weren’t part of what made it work, and yet they are attempting to recreate it—and let’s be honest–even surpass it. A reboot would have been a safer and easier task.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 6:55 am

The Thing 3: The Thingening
If you know the property, then you probably know that this is actually the third film inspired by John W. Campbell Jr.’s 1938 novella Who Goes There? The first adaptation was then filmed in 1951 under the name The Thing From Another World. If you weren’t aware of that one, you now are one step closer to total trivia domination.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 7:15 am

While the plot does what it sets out to do, the problems are with the tone and the mood. Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. has a good technical ability (this is his full-length directorial debut) , but the movie lacks anything beyond that. The setting of Antarctica is not exploited, and it doesn’t even seem like it is very cold, which is odd. There is just very little sense of tension either, even once the cast all know what is going on and the alien is in their midst.
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When you see it running down a hall after someone, it becomes much less frightening. Sure it wants to kill and eat people and it is grotesque, but take away the creepy look and it isn’t any scarier than lions running after people.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 8:42 am

Fans in Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt and London made sure Jobs, who died last week, remained part of the iPhone 4S launch, with flower, candle and photo shrines erected outside stores. A black-and-white picture of the visionary leader in Covent Garden carried the line: “Let’s make a dent in the universe.”
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Researchers in South Africa have discovered what may have been the world’s earliest artist’s studio. A 100,000-year-old workshop used to mix and store the reddish pigment ochre has been discovered in Blombos Cave on the rugged southern coast near Cape Town. At the same site, scientists have found some of the earliest sharp stone tools, as well as evidence of fishing.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 9:38 am

“The working assumption is that when the EFSF is up and running and able to intervene in the secondary market, we take it that it will ensure better financial stability and that it will permit us not to help restore an appropriate transmission of monetary policy — that is the working assumption,” he said.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 10:28 pm

The communique from a meeting of G20 finance chiefs endorsed a 1-2.5 percent capital surcharge on top banks like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase.
The aim is to make sure they have enough capital to withstand market turbulence so that taxpayers won’t have to rescue banks again in the next crisis.
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Comment by cyskin 10.15.11 @ 10:30 pm

Greece is struggling to sell stakes in state-controlled firms and real estate to meet a downwardly revised target for privatization this year of 4 billion euros, a key term in a bailout sponsored by the European Union and International Monetary Fund.
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“Most of the lending is domestic also so the exposure to the outside is very limited and therefore we are very confident that our banking system is well positioned to withstand any stress emanating from what’s happening in Europe,” he said.
Robust lending growth to the private sector of more than 9 percent in the first 10 months of the year indicated strong demand, while inflation has stabilized in a tight range of 4.6-4.9 percent and should begin trending down, Jasser said.
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Comment by cyskin 10.16.11 @ 12:32 am

“All of Tripoli will be searched and we will reorganize our checkpoints and our guards in public and private institutions inside of Tripoli and outside of Tripoli,” he told reporters.
He said eight wanted men and 12 other suspects were arrested. He also alleged that teachers have been telling students that Gadhafi will return and said teams had been sent to stop the practice.

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“What you hear is that the price will go through the floor,” dairy farmer Margarita Maria Jaramillo said as she and her husband milked their 12 cows recently in a dew-laden pasture in this dairy town just north of Bogota.
If the prices drop, “we’ll have to sell the cows,” she said. “What else can you do?”
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One sector that did suffer was cotton.
“Cotton subsidized by the United States entered Peru at about half the (local) price,” said Reynaldo Trinidad, editor of the Peruvian trade journal Agronoticias.
Dan Kidd, a 60-year-old Montana wheat and barley farmer, said the Colombian trade pact merely allows U.S. farmers to regain market share it recently lost to Canada, Brazil and Argentina.
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“I’ve come to the decision basically or the belief that it’s just who I am,” Earle said. “I’m a songwriter. I’m an artist. I am my mother’s son. I am my father’s son. And I’m a drug addict. And it was a behavior that I displayed very early on in my life. When I was a kid, my mom would buy granola bars and stuff and I would eat the whole box. One after the other until I was sick.”
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His teen years flashed by, a montage of searches for drugs, living with both his mother and father at times before leaving to live on his own in his late teens.
He went to Chicago at 18 and found really pure heroin for the first time in his life. He eventually had to come back home, penniless, hopelessly addicted and pretty much washed up already as a performer. He sold what he thought would be his last guitar at 20. He awoke one morning and couldn’t believe what he saw in the mirror of his rundown motel room.
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Comment by cyskin 10.16.11 @ 10:45 am

It is in this madcap environment Lievremont, who is being replaced as France coach by fellow former international Philippe Saint-Andre in December, will somehow have to prepare his players to beat New Zealand — a result virtually the whole rugby world thinks beyond them.
“We?ve been extremely lucky. I think there are a lot of people amazed to see us qualify and think we are not talented. But we play with our hearts,” said France captain Thierry Dusautoir.
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Comment by cyskin 10.16.11 @ 10:23 pm

The second-year CEO worked the entire season on turning the finale into a spectacle and said he’d offer his resignation to the IndyCar board of directors if ABC’s broadcast didn’t pull a .8 ranking. His goal was to improve upon last year’s season finale’s horrible television rating and give the series some momentum for what’s hoped to be a strong season in 2013 with the introduction of a new car and new manufacturers.
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Comment by cyskin 10.16.11 @ 10:53 pm

Siri didn’t work so well up in the mountains, nor does it recognize requests when there is a lot of noise. It either fails to recognize what you’ve asked it, or it just takes a long time to fetch an answer. You need decent reception to get timely answers from Siri. But sometimes you don’t mind, like when you’re driving in a car.
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Comment by cyskin 10.17.11 @ 12:29 am

Injunctions against the sale of iPad2 and the previous generation iPhone 4 in Japan were also sought, the Suwon, South Korea-based company said in a statement today. Samsung cited one telecommunications and three user-interface patents in the Japan case, and three covering wireless communications technologies for the Australia suit.
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Comment by cyskin 10.17.11 @ 12:45 am

These assessments are disputed by officials such as Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon, a former IDF chief of staff and former military intelligence chief.

He reminded the cabinet last week that a prisoner swap in 1985 was followed by the murder of 178 Israelis. Defense officials who oppose the current swap warn that the “small fries” among the released security prisoners are actually most likely to revive the terrorist infrastructure, using the knowledge they amassed in prison.
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Comment by cyskin 10.17.11 @ 1:21 am

The El Paso deal is perhaps Mr. Kinder’s crowning achievement. Including the assumption of debt, the takeover is valued at about $38 billion, bigger than even his deal to take Kinder Morgan private in 2006 with the help of a private equity consortium.

And within the oil and gas industry — a world known for audacious mergers — Mr. Kinder has a reputation for being a shrewd and strategic deal-maker.
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Comment by cyskin 10.17.11 @ 8:56 am

“If they vote against taking steps that we know will put Americans back to work right now, then they’re not going to have to answer to me,” Obama said earlier in a visit to Asheville, N.C. “They’re going to have to answer to you.”

It’s unclear whether Obama is a persuasive messenger in the small, conservative towns he is visiting. He stopped at a barbecue place in Marion, N.C., on Monday, where he got a polite but hardly ecstatic greeting from the lunchtime crowd.
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Comment by cyskin 10.18.11 @ 12:18 am

If all goes as planned, he will be the first captured Israeli soldier to be returned home alive in 26 years.

In Israel, there were elaborate preparations for his return, a calibrated mix of relieved celebration and acknowledgment — both of the pain and death that the released Palestinians caused many families and of the risk that their release may pose.
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Comment by cyskin 10.18.11 @ 1:04 am

“He needs to show he can continue to fight and be a good, strong conservative,” said Republican strategist Scott Reed.

Perry has the task of recapturing the excitement when he first announced his candidacy two months ago. His debates, plus a position favoring college tuition assistance for illegal immigrants, has hurt him among conservatives.
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Comment by cyskin 10.18.11 @ 1:26 am

Several petitions to block or alter the exchange were rejected by Israel’s high court on Monday. The scene at the courtroom was emotionally charged, with some families who lost members in terrorist attacks assailing the Shalit family and the government.

Prime Minister Netanyahu sent letters to the bereaved families saying he understood their heartache.
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Comment by cyskin 10.18.11 @ 7:02 am

Hamas leaders said they would continue to fight for the release of the more than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners Israel will have in custody after the 1,027 included in the exchange are free. The first of two groups, which included 477 inmates, was released Tuesday.
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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 12:04 am

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(CNN) — Officials in eastern Ohio declared schools closed Wednesday as sheriff’s deputies equipped with night vision attempted to hunt down dozens of exotic animals — including bears, lions, tigers and cheetahs — that escaped from a preserve following the death of its owner.

Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 12:14 am

The animals’ owner, Terry Thompson, was found dead at the zoo, Muskingum County Animal Farm, but police have not said how he died.

Fences were left open at the farm, police said.

Officers are patrolling the 40-acre (16-hectare) zoo and surrounding area in cars and have urged local people to stay indoors. Several local school districts cancelled classes.
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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 1:29 am

The name of the device combines that of Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones and tablets with the Nexus line of phones that were made by various manufacturers but were known as Google phones because they included all of Google’s mobile services.

The phone will run on high speed LTE networks as well as HSPA+ networks, depending on market demand. It will become available in November in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, including China and Japan. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is the only operator the companies announced and they did not disclose pricing information.
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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 1:49 am

In what was arguably the most contentious debate of the campaign season — marked by audience boos and hisses, as well as strong applause for their favorites — the candidates took each other to task over their legislative and governing records, as well as prior statements in earlier debates.

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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 6:33 am

The candidates will cross paths at a dinner in Iowa this weekend where they will try to court cultural conservatives who haven’t yet rallied behind a single contender. It’s a prime setting for candidates like Perry, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain and others looking to emerge as the alternative to Romney. Iowa conservatives have long viewed Romney skeptically for his reversals on abortion rights and gay rights, and they have viewed his Mormon faith warily.
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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 9:03 pm

Behind the scenes, the candidates with the most money — Perry and Romney — and their allied groups are gearing up for the inevitable TV ad war. Each campaign is sitting on roughly $15 million and counting, and there are less than 75 days before the Iowa caucuses.
There’s no doubt that the personal attacks that played out on stage Tuesday — and that had been simmering behind the scenes for weeks between the Romney and Perry camps — will now continue out in the open.
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Comment by cyskin 10.19.11 @ 9:12 pm

Romney, 64, released his video the day after he and Perry traded sometimes-angry exchanges at the debate. Romney, objecting that Perry was interrupting him there, at one point lectured his rival about being presidential.

“I suggest that, if you want to become president of the United States, you got to let both people speak,” he said.
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Comment by cyskin 10.20.11 @ 12:19 am

“Yeah, there’s a lion on Mount Perry Road. … I just drove by and it walked out in front of me and was standing there under the street light,” one caller to 911 told deputies.
Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling said he received calls from people who were concerned that the animals had been killed. He said authorities were trying to use tranquilizers whenever possible.
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Comment by cyskin 10.20.11 @ 2:11 am

Added Hostetler: “For me the sad part of this is that the court system could’ve removed those animals, and it’s really sad it reached this point.”
The Humane Society of the United States urged Ohio officials Wednesday to issue an emergency rule to crack down on exotic animal ownership. A previous emergency order issued by then-Gov. Ted Strickland that prohibited people convicted of animal cruelty from owning exotic animals expired in April.
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Comment by cyskin 10.20.11 @ 7:02 am

The lawyer, Joel Bennett, said his client — married then and now — accepted a financial settlement in leaving her job at the National Restaurant Association shortly after lodging the complaint against Cain, who was then the trade group’s head. Bennett did not name the woman, who he said stands by her allegations and has decided not “to relive the specifics” of the incidents in a public forum.
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Jurors heard from 49 witnesses and have more than 300 pieces of evidence to consider. They were given lengthy instructions by the judge about how to deliberate.
If Murray is convicted, he faces a sentence ranging from probation to four years behind bars, and he would lose his medical license. The sentence will be decided by Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor after receiving input from attorneys for both sides and probation officials, if necessary.
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Comment by cyskin 11.04.11 @ 10:51 pm

“It is now clear that (Yang) is simply not aligned with shareholders,” Loeb wrote.
Yang holds a 3.6 percent stake in Yahoo, meaning he no longer owns as much of the company as Loeb does.
The attack on Yang is the latest bit of drama at a company that has been immersed in a soap opera since former movie mogul Terry Semel resigned as CEO to placate frustrated shareholders in mid-2007.
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Comment by cyskin 11.04.11 @ 11:53 pm

Video-streaming startup company Zediva can no longer stream videos or provide any services at all.
After violating copyright laws, Zediva was slammed with a permanent injunction on Friday, prohibiting the company from continuing its service.
The Motion Picture Association of America sued Zediva’s parent company, WTV Systems, and founder and CEO Venkatesh Srinivasan in April when Zediva founders uncovered an alternative, illegal way around online video-streaming. Zediva allowed their customers to “rent” digital copies of movies for $1.99 each at their data centers in the Silicon Valley.
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Comment by cyskin 11.05.11 @ 12:04 am

An analyst with a master’s degree in library science and multiple languages, especially one who grew up speaking another language, makes “a powerful open source officer,” Naquin said.
The center had started focusing on social media after watching the Twitter-sphere rock the Iranian regime during the Green Revolution of 2009, when thousands protested the results of the elections that kept Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power. “Farsi was the third largest presence in social media blogs at the time on the Web,” Naquin said.
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Google’s mobile OS, Android, is continuing to increase its share of the market among smartphone users in the US.
The latest results of a survey released by digital research firm comScore show that for the three-month period ending in September the OS was being used by almost half (44.8 percent) of all Americans that own a smartphone, up from 40.2 percent for the period ending in June.
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Comment by cyskin 11.05.11 @ 1:10 am

When Ambre Boroughs checked her laptop bag before getting on a Southwest flight at the Chicago Midway International Airport, she was likely unaware that many airlines strongly recommend taking the laptop was a carry-on during the flight. Unfortunately, she was missing her brand new HP 9000 laptop after searching an empty laptop bag that came off the conveyor belt in Charleston, South Carolina according to NBC Chicago.
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Comment by cyskin 11.05.11 @ 1:17 am

However, the Nigerian government faces an increasingly dangerous threat from Boko Haram. The group apparently has split into three factions, the AP has learned. One faction remains moderate and welcomes an end to the violence, another wants a peace agreement with rewards similar to those offered to a different militant group in 2009.
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Comment by cyskin 11.05.11 @ 10:37 pm

Now, Polis, 55, receives disability insurance payments, food stamps and lives in government-subsidized housing. He’s been unable to find work because employers in his field want computer skills he doesn’t have.
“Employers are crying that they can’t find qualified help,” he said. But the ones he interviewed with “weren’t willing to train anybody.”
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I’d like to change some money generic omeprazole I personally will never trust the honesty or integrity of a single business in this country again. I am too old and too poor to listen to the junk ads and business come-ons that fuel the doddering and fraudulent economy of this not so great nation and getting smaller all the time while it’s self inflating and, very frequently, bought with advertising dollars, puffs everything from politics to pampers. But when it puffs war it is a crime against humanity. It is murder for hire. It is paid for propaganda for the sake of converting some man’s blood into another man’s treasure. They preach a work ethic but don’t really mean it. They know that talk is for the suckers and anyone who can, builds a big pile of cash, anyway they can, and sits of it. They then spend inordinately amounts of time and money congratulating themselves on their bravery and hard work. People never tire of building gilded railings around their lives.

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I do love the manner in which you have presented this specific situation plus it does offer me some fodder for thought. Nonetheless, because of what I have seen, I only wish as the actual opinions pile on that people today continue to be on point and not embark on a tirade of the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this fantastic piece and while I do not necessarily agree with the idea in totality, I value your perspective.
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Until August doxycycline hyclate 100mg capsules for dogs From a political standpoint, a successful opening day willshape perceptions of Obama’s signature policy initiative. Butthe system’s functioning is to a large extent beyond the controlof politicians and policy experts, and instead sits in the handsof the battalions of coders working for IT sub-contractors.

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We were at school together aspirin ibuprofen acetaminophen caffeine polarity The National Weather Service issued another flash floodwatch for the area on Saturday, as heavy rains are forecast tohover over the region. (Reporting by Keith Coffman; Editing by Scott Malone and EricBeech)

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Not in at the moment generic rogaine walgreens Police said the Baghdad blast went off around 10 p.m. near the gate of the Khalid bin al-Walid mosque in the capital’s southern Dora neighborhood, a largely Sunni Muslim area. It struck just after special late-evening prayers held during Ramadan ended.

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This raid followed an April 2011 action in which federal agents seized a total of 1,765 pieces of counterfeit merchandise, including nearly 100 NHL products.. Hotdogs cook below, while buns get steamed above. This initiative has also led to a decrease in diabetesrelated emergency department visits..
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